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  • I started this blog to share some (mostly technical) things I’ve learned over the years. My background is in Computer Engineering, and I’ve worked as a software engineer, technical program manager, and systems engineer across a few different industries, such as console videogames, embedded systems, and now distributed systems.
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Ruby VM Debug Environment: Part 2

Overview In the last post, I setup a a container with a pre-built version of Ruby ready to debug. In this post, I’ll talk about how to pass it a ruby script and watch it execute. Debug the VM while it executes a script Continuing from last time, ensure you’re attached to the debug container and that you can set breakpoints and run the program. We want to create a simple_test....

2021-11-23 · 3 min

Ruby VM Debug Environment: Part 1

Overview I’ve always wanted to learn more about how the Ruby interpreter works, and I figured a good way is to step through the code and see what it does. Join me as I figure out how to build the source and step through it using a debugger. We’re going to build a Docker image with a debug version of Ruby (i.e. non-optimized, with debug symbols) built and ready to run using VSCode....

2021-11-20 · 4 min

Why Write?

The first reason is to give back. Throughout my time in tech, I’ve relied extensively on articles, whitepapers, books, blogs, and people sharing what they’ve learned with me. People who were genuinely trying to be helpful - without ego or expectation. I’ve always wanted to give back, and I figure why not start now? The second reason is more selfish. Writing is a way to solidify my understanding and to reflect on my own experience....

2021-10-16 · 2 min