The first reason is to give back. Throughout my time in tech, I’ve relied extensively on articles, whitepapers, books, blogs, and people sharing what they’ve learned with me. People who were genuinely trying to be helpful - without ego or expectation. I’ve always wanted to give back, and I figure why not start now?

The second reason is more selfish. Writing is a way to solidify my understanding and to reflect on my own experience. You don’t really know something until you can explain it simply. Writing forces clarity of thought. Introspection brings its own rewards. Besides, it might make me a better writer.

The third reason is that it’s a way to keep track of all the concepts learned, problems solved, projects worked on, and successes and failures experienced along the way. I’ve worked in several roles, each with different challenges and responsibilities - across a variety of industries, and with many diverse types of people. Looking back, I wish I had a more detailed record of those periods.

The internet today is a much different place than what I grew up with. The number of voices and the amount of information out there is on a completely different scale. Adding my voice to the hundreds of thousands already sharing might seem pointless. But who knows, it might help someone out there. And that would be enough.